District IT explains network at Fernando Rivera MIddle SchoolMOUSE, an innovative youth development program, prepares students to become digital media and technology experts in their schools, improving the use of technology to enhance learning, while also building confidence and developing skills for 21st century innovation. The MOUSE learning content is aligned to National Education Technology Standards (NETS) within its 10 modules and 3 “Specialist Certifications” and can be used to support Common Core (CCS), California Career Technical Education (CTE), and Next Generation Science (NGSS) Standards.

Common Core Standards

MOUSE curriculum correlates with Common Core standards in each of the areas:

CTE Standards: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Through the learning activities in the MOUSE Certification (10 badged learning modules), students experience many facets of the CTE standards in the following pathways:

  • Information Support and Services
  • Networking, Software and Systems Development
  • Games and Simulations

For details, see the MOUSE Curriculum Correlation with CTE/ICT documentation.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Are you interested in Green Tech and renewable energy? See how our Green Tech module aligns with NGSS.