Inspiring Stories

Every day, MOUSE students throughout California are leading their communities, developing leadership skills and learning about the latest technology. Read some of the inspiring feedback we are receiving from teachers and administrators:

Blanca Herrera, former Principal, Ida Jew Academies, San Jose

MOUSE has empowered students to become more confident, more knowledgeable, and more curious about the technology that surrounds them. They play a key role in the implementation of technology in the classrooms by helping with the troubleshooting, maintenance, and distribution of technology school-wide. This experience has created opportunities for students to become leaders at the school and develop public speaking skills by attending workshops, conferences and community meetings where they describe the work they do.

MOUSE Coordinator Shauna Hawes, Valley View Middle School, Pleasant Hill

In Valley View Middle School’s MOUSE students, no matter what clique students are in, everyone is welcome … and thriving. During a recent MOUSE session, principal Ean Ainsworth, walked in and observed ‘popular’ students sitting next to quiet students, special ed students, and ‘troublesome’ students — all engaged and discussing various computer parts. Principal Ainsworth was emotional as he told me, “This is a triumph to see these students sitting together, collaborating, and being members of the same team, laughing and appreciating each other.”

Janice Carter, Instructor, Vista Del Lago High School, Moreno Valley

MOUSE had been instrumental at our school site. We have to share our technology person with two other schools. With MOUSE in place we are able to assist our staff with computer problems quickly and have received positve feedback from them!

Haley Boyan, Instructor, Young Oak Kim Academy, Los Angeles

Our Mouse continues to facilitate technology use schoolwide. They are crucial in maintaining our laptop carts, which they deliver and pick up each day, along with performing ongoing inventory and maintenance. They check in weekly with teachers, performing repairs on microphones, projectors, desktops, and other technology, and showing the teachers new skills. An example is teaching the teachers how to use Google calendars to reserve laptop carts. They also work in committees to bring Mouse to the students, building the website, publicizing our work, putting up educational bulletin boards, etc. They are also called upon for their leadership skills to help coordinate events and give tours of our school. They are an invaluable part of our school, and we are lucky to have them.

Carlos Ida, Instructor, Christopher STEM, San Jose

MOUSE really helps the youth come out of their comfort zone. It helps them feel confident and successful with technology skills while learning to do something on their own. Additionally, many of our families aren’t comfortable with technology and they benefit immensely from their child’s learning. MOUSE helps the youth learn to work together and is also great for kids who are behind academically and kids who have trouble connecting.

Sarah Collum, Former Instructor, Sunnybrae Elementary School, San Mateo

At Sunnybrae, our 4th and 5th grade MOUSE students have been critical to helping our teachers with their technology. We received a lot of new technology a couple years ago (eBeam interactive whiteboards and tablets, document cameras, microphones), but without MOUSE, many teachers would be unsure or hesitant to use their tools. This year, MOUSE teams were assigned to different teachers/classrooms, and have gained confidence by creating iMovies to introduce themselves to their teacher. Only one or two teachers were using their eBeam tablets, so MOUSE was trained on how to set them up, then they went into the classrooms and helped teachers. Now, tablet use is spreading like wildfire! In addition, our MOUSE group just had a Computer in a Box lesson with Iris where they learned the names of the parts of the computer and how a computer works. MOUSE helps our struggling students gain confidence in the classroom, and feel like an expect at technology around their peers.

Bob Montes, Instructor, Hall Middle School, Corte Madera

I was excited to implement this program this year and it has been a huge hit. I have a core group of dedicated field technicians that are highly visible and effective in keeping our school’s tech resources up and running. School awareness of MOUSE has grown and the interest in joining for next year is off the charts. Home run program.

Jennifer Landry, Instructor, Coronado Middle School, San Diego

2013-2014 is the second year of MOUSE at Coronado Middle School. This program has had a huge impact on the implementation of new netbooks at our school. MOUSErs have pulled old netbooks, set up new ones with Windows 8, configured the carts for the netbooks, rolled out the carts (literally) to classrooms, and then helped students and teachers use the netbooks, especially students who were unfamiliar with Windows 8. Teachers rely on MOUSErs to be their guides on a daily basis, other school sites in our district wish they had MOUSE at their sites now that they’ve heard the wonderful things MOUSE is doing!