On an annual basis, Mouse_California serves more than 3,500 youth directly. Through our technology support and teacher training, we estimate that 97,831 students and 4,653 staff are served indirectly by Mouse throughout California.

Mouse California is a positive youth development program.
That means that Mouse focuses its programming efforts to build on the strengths and on the capacities of youth as producers in their own rights, to be technologist and innovators with the skills and competencies to explore their ideas and creativity and to support their schools, teachers, and peers. A positive youth development approach can yield a number of developmental and skills outcomes for Mouse California members, such as: increased technology skills, increased work and organizational skills (including teamwork, project management skills), increased pro-social behavioral development (that is, positive interactions and the building of positive relationships with adults and peers, developing a sense of connection), and increased sense of future aspirations (such as going to college and having a career).

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