Leadership Council

We are grateful to the extraordinary individuals who comprise our Leadership Council and its committees. Their generous commitments of time, talents and resources help K-12 students throughout California learn, lead, and create with technology.

ROLE: The Mouse California Leadership Council provides oversight of the organization and has key responsibilities:

  • Determine Mouse California’s mission and purpose.
  • Evaluate and approve Mouse California’s overall strategy, goals and priorities.
  • Monitor and evaluate Mouse California’s programs and services.
  • Recommend a revenue strategy to ensure that Mouse California has adequate
  • resources to accomplish its goals and monitor its effectiveness.

  • Recommend to Aspiranet and monitor Mouse California’s annual operating plan and budget.
  • Enhance Mouse California’s public image and promote its programs and services.


  • Passion for Mouse California, its mission, and K-12 students, particularly those in underserved communities.
  • Access to a network that one is willing to use on behalf of Mouse California.
  • xpertise in areas critical to Mouse California and its mission, including but not limited to, STEM, K-12 education, communications, and funding and development.
  • Ability to donate and/or raise funds for Mouse California.


  • Evaluate Mouse California’s current strategies and develop recommendations for the future growth of the organization.
  • Be available to the Director in a timely manner by phone, email or in person for advice and counsel.
  • Attend and participate in at least 75 percent of Mouse California’s Leadership Council meetings and assigned committee meetings.
  • Represent and champion Mouse California in the greater community of education, information technology, social sector and business leaders and organizations.
  • Participate on one or more Leadership Council committees
  • Council members will donate annually to Mouse California at a level that is meaningful to them


  • Leadership Council meets 4 times annually
  • Committee meetings meet monthly

LENGTH OF TERM: 3 years, renewable

COMPOSITION: 12 to 16 members